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We are experienced-based architects and designers transforming the built environment with innovative designs that blend architecture and nature seamlessly – Placemakers. As a result, for us, placemaking is both a process and a philosophy. It is centered around observing, listening to, and asking questions of the people who live, work, and play in a particular space in order to understand their needs and aspirations for that space and for their community as a whole.


Our Services

Explore our diverse range of design services that cater to various building types and spaces.


Crafting personalized, elegant buildings that reflect your lifestyle and aspirations, creating extraordinary spaces that resonate with luxury and comfort.


We apply practical and theoretical knowledge to the engineering design of buildings and building systems. The goal is to engineer high-performance buildings that are sustainable, resilient, economically viable, that ensure the safety, health, comfort, and productivity of occupants. 


The method of developing or improving your property or building through a short or long-range plan that balances and harmonizes building program goals. This process is done at the very beginning of the project and helps you define and unify the vision for the space.

Our Legacy of Architectural Innovation

With over 25 years of industry expertise, Design Group JEDI is a proponent of Adaptive Reuse. Above all, we encourage and are adept at re-purposing existing buildings for uses other than intended.

Positioning new buildings within a natural architectural context and framework that embraces the urban space allows us to analyze, infer, evaluate design solutions that promote health and well-being. creates a sense of place that is visually engaging, contextually responsive to the community and timeless.

Why Choose Us?

Experience a seamless blend of art, functionality, and sustainability in every project. Let us elevate your space with timeless design.

Contextual Design Approach

We strive to create architectural marvels that seamlessly blend into urban environments, fostering harmony and enriching community spaces. evitalizing existing structures to breathe new life into spaces, promoting sustainability and preserving historical significance with modern functionality.

We Trace, Analyze, Infer, Evaluate, Formulate, Describe, Support, Explain, Summarize, Compare, Contrast, and Predict, the outcomes of our work before the design process proceeds.

Artistic Integrity in Design

Infusing creativity and artistic flair into every project, ensuring timeless designs that captivate and inspire all who experience them.

Let’s Collaborate on Your Vision

Reach out to us to begin a journey of design excellence. Let’s create spaces that resonate with creativity and purpose.

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